28 Октября, 2010 в Брюсселе состоится КСО MarketPlace (анонс на англ. языке)

28 Октября, 2010 в Брюсселе состоится КСО MarketPlace
Аннотация к анонсу

28 Октября, 2010 в Брюсселе международные лидеры соберутся для презентации КСО проектов и обсуждения актуальных вопросов перспектив развития социальной ответственности бизнеса. Ожидается участие более 400 международных компаний, бизнес сообществ, представителей институций Европейского Союза и других европейских и международных стейкхолдеров.

Подробная информация, относительно содержания мероприятия, условий участия и регистрации размещена на сайте организаторов: www.csreurope.org

CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 MarketPlace

Brussels, 28 October 2010

Your Point of Departure for Enterprise 2020

On 28 October 2010, more than 400 participants from international companies, business networks, EU institutions and other European and international stakeholders will gather together at CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 MarketPlace in Brussels to:

* Launch CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 vision and action plan
* Explore and exchange innovative business initiatives addressing social and environmental challenges
* Engage in new collaborative ventures developed in joint leadership by companies and stakeholders
* Present European and international perspectives on CSR

CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 has already gained the support of CSR Europe’s member network of 70 multinational corporations and 27 national partner organisations as well as the European Commission and seven national governments, including the Belgian EU Presidency 2010. This year’s MarketPlace event will build on 15 years of proactive dialogue between the European business community and EU institutions on corporate social responsibility (CSR). The event will also provide insights into the European Commission’s Europe 2020 Strategy focused on driving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
What is the MarketPlace?

CSR Europe’s MarketPlaceThe MarketPlace exhibition and interactive sessions will present company initiatives and new collaborative ventures between companies and stakeholders in four thematic areas:

* Transforming Markets – Towards sustainable internal and external markets
* Inclusive Societies – Skills for entrepreneurship and employability
* Health and Wellbeing – Improving quality of life
* Transparency for Trust – Measuring and communicating ESG performance

What is Enterprise 2020?

In the context of today’s socio-economic and environmental challenges, CSR Europe invites companies and stakeholders across Europe to join the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future – Enterprise 2020. The initiative aims to:

* Support companies in building sustainable competitiveness by providing a platform for exchange and innovation
* Foster close cooperation between companies and their stakeholders by exploring new ways of working together
* Strengthen Europe’s global leadership on CSR by engaging with EU institutions and other stakeholders

For companies and stakeholders, it is a unique opportunity to shape the future of CSR in Europe through dialogue and joint action. Read more about Enterprise 2020
How can I participate?

Registrations will open in July 2010 on our website. More information will be announced soon.

The full-day event will take place on 28 October 2010 at Brussels Kart Expo just outside the centre of Brussels (A. Gossetlaan 11, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden).

Please check our website for updates and do not hesitate to contact [email protected] for any further information!

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